5 Reasons Polished Concrete is a Superior Flooring Option

Have you ever considered how important your floor is to your home or business? Do people really look at your floor when you put your home on the market? Is Polished concrete a cost-effective option when compared to other types of flooring? What is the maintenance like and is it Earth friendly? How durable is it a diamond polished floor?

If you’ve ever considered polished concrete for your home or business, these are likely questions you’ve asked yourself of sought to be answered by a professional. The slab you have, can offer many different options in types of finish you can achieve.

  1. Polished concrete is a very Environmentally friendly option. The Chemicals used to treat and maintain these floors are most always water based. The VOC content of the chemicals is little to none, making a safer working environment and better for the air quality. Unlike wood and tile, it is mold and mildew resistant. With regular maintenance it will hold on to its original luster for many years to come even after your tile has failed. Energy! Polished Concrete can reflect natural light, reducing your lighting costs! How about that? Lastly, there are no adhesives, and energy intense processing like manufactured tile and stone, thus reducing your eco impact and footprint.
  2. Maintenance is important no matter what the topic. The same is true for your Polished Concrete. Make your floor last 20 plus years. The price and labor associated with repair and maintenance is much lower than other flooring options. For small business or residential, get you some microfiber pads and pole for daily sweeping. For weekly, you’ll need some “Concrete Neutral Cleaner” specifically. You want a PH cleaner between 9-10. Otherwise you could etch and dull your floor faster decreasing the life span of the finish. The same is true for industrial and commercial applications, but I would suggest a floor scrubber for large areas. The Longevity of your floor is up to you. Proper maintenance with the proper chemicals is everything.
  3. Why cover up your potentially beautiful floor? I find it a real shame to put wood or tile over a floor that has so much potential? No need to worry about cracking a ceramic tile or creating a safety and hygienic concern. Not only is concrete tougher than those other guys but the options are insane. You can have Cream polish, salt and pepper or Coarse Aggregate exposure! Satin, medium, or high gloss sheen! Add in some dye, design, or logos? Mix and match those options to make your already unique floor stand out even more! Don’t get stuck in the past.
  4. According to Homeguide.com, Polished Concrete is comparable to all the other options, and even has a better price point than many listed. Remember, just because you find tile priced at $.48 Sq/ft, you still must pay someone to install it. You get what you pay for! This chart is directly from their website.
  5. Resale Value? While there isn’t much available data as it relates to adding dollars to your Homes Resale value, you can bet it can wow your potential buyer. Think about how you felt buying your home. Did carpet get you excited? Maybe some dark hardwood floors were more attractive. How about the mold or mildew in the grout joints or corners of those tile and wood floors? Now imagine stepping into a house with dyed, polished concrete floors. Imagine the natural light coming into the space, being reflected by the floor. No odor of mildew, pet soiled carpets, or scuffed up hardwoods assaulting your senses, and ruining a perfectly good potential home otherwise.
  6. No matter what you choose to do with your floor, always weigh the options. Find you a reputable professional willing to lose your business at the behest of being honest. Polished/ Decorative Concrete is here to stay and has become a heavily weighted standard in the construction industry, now, and in the foreseeable future.

Average Cost To Install Flooring –

Flooring Material Cost Per Square Foot

  • Engineered Wood $6 – $20
  • Hardwood $10 – $18
  • Laminate $6 – $9
  • Vinyl or Linoleum $3 – $10
  • Carpet $1 – $3
  • Ceramic Tile $2.50 – $3
  • Porcelain Tile $3 – $10
  • Polished Concrete $3 – $15
Step 1 - GCP Concrete Polishing prepares the floor for polishing.
Step 2 - GCP Concrete Polishing stains and polishs the floor.
Step 3 - GCP Concrete Polishing produces a beautifully stained and scored concrete floor that will last for years!
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